CAPLLETRA 70 – Primavera, 2021


Pep Valsalobre

The emotional aesthetics of transformation: a Baroque reexamination of Apollo and Daphne’s fable


Francesc Granell Sales

Epithets of late medieval artists at the service of the royal and local power


Isabel Crespí

On some active participles with motion verbs


Adéla Kot’átková

Story and Plot: Clinical Case Reports as Academic Stories


Monographic «La crisi del nou humanisme a Catalunya, 1918-1936», coordination by Xavier Pla & Francesc Montero


Sílvia Coll-Vinent

Joan Estelrich and the New Humanism in Interwar Europe


Jordi Malé

Humanism and criticism in T. S. Eliot and Carles Riba



Francesc Montero Aulet

The influence of English Catholic Humanism in Catalonia during the Inter-war period: The

contribution of Hilaire Belloc


Guillem Molla

Humanism or Humanitarianism? Collapse of Imponderables in a Propa- edeutic Discussion Between Ramon Esquerra and Manuel Cruells


Xavier Pla

Zweig  and  the  Daemon.  Presences  and  absences  of  the  reception  of  a European figure in





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