CAPLLETRA 67. Tardor, 2019



Alfons Gregori. The Ghostly Spirit’s Myth in Catalan Modernisme: transposition,

unreality, and beliefs

Javier Giralt Latorre / María Teresa Moret Oliver. Medieval manuscripts of Matarraña (Teruel) and their contributions to the Catalan lexicon

Carles Royo. The causative verbal meaning of the Catalan verb interessar (to

interest) with prepositional complement

Joan Costa Carreras. Is «social language variation» an operational category for language corpus planning?


«Early Modern Women’s Writing: More Texts and Contexts», coordination by Verònica Zaragoza Gómez



Anne J. Cruz. Women Writers of Early Modern Spain: A Feminist Overview

Mercè Gras Casanovas. The unpublished memory of the female Discalced Carmel in the Crown of Aragon: historical biographies and chronicles

Sylvie Mouysset. Women’s Writing of her life (France, xvi-xviii Centuries)

Stacey Schlau. Cancionero Poetry As Religious Practice: The Valladolid Discalced Carmelite Convent’s Libro de romances y coplas


Table of contents