CAPLLETRA 64. Primavera, 2018

 Daniel Casals i Martorell & Mar Massanell i Messalles. The teaching of Catalan in the radio during the Late-Francoism: Cursos de catalán (1969) of Ràdio Barcelona.

Abel Soler. The Epistolae Familiares by Petrarca in the Curial.

Mia Güell Devesa. Anna Murià’s Reflexions de la vellesa, a singular case.

María Isabel Santamaría Pérez. The treatment of collocations in Spanish-Catalan bilingual dictionaries.


Hans-Jörg Schmid. Shell nouns in English – a personal roundup.

Anna López Samaniego. Nominal encapsulation in oral and written academic discourse: grammatical and discourse patterns.

«L’encapsulació lèxica: cohesió, coherència i metadiscurs», coordination by Maria Josep Marín & Josep E. Ribera

Mercedes Díez Prados. Abstract nouns as metadiscursive shells in academic discourse

Margarita Borreguero Zuloaga. Anaphoric incapsulators: a classification

Jarmila Tárnyiková. Constructions with shell nouns in english: their dual role in information packaging

Maria Josep Marín & Josep E. Ribera. Encapsulating structures with metadiscursive value in parliamentary debate: from structuring to modality


Table of contents