Caplletra n º 48

CAPLLETRA 48. Primavera, 2010

Josep M. Baldaquí Escandell. Francesc Xavier Llorca Ibi. Joan J. Ponsada Sanmartí. Abelard Saragossà. Awareness of linguistic prestige among youngsters: a contribution to a descriptive study of formal linguistic insecurity in the Valencia Country.

Josep-Àngel Mas Castells. Ideological connotations of Valencia linguistic models; current situation and historical factors.

Juan M. Ribera Llopis. End of the Century writers in the Hispanic world and flowing thresholds of an interliterary model.

Pelegrí Sancho Cremades. Analysis of the connective phraseological units in a fragment of colloquial conversation.

Monographic on «Francesc Eiximenis» coordination by Xavier Renedo Puig


Eva Izquierdo Molinas. A testimony on the life of Sanxa Ximenis d’Arenós and on the origin of the “Llibre de les dones”

Curt Wittlin. Was he “Cristià”, the “Crestià” of Francesc Eiximenis? The story of a mistake in paleography

David J. Viera. Jordi Piqué Angordans. Ramon Camaño Puig. Health and disease in the works of Francesc Eiximenis.

Paolo Evangelisti. Towards an ethics of economical exchange. The civil function of market in Eiximenis and franciscan political pedagogy (1273-1493)

Sadurní Martí. Notes on textual tradition of Francesc Eiximenis “Llibre dels Àngels”



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